Making a Commitment to Social Responsibility

In order to maintain and expand our aid offers in the poorest countries of Europe, CONCORDIA Social Projects always seeks dialogue with strong partners from the business world.

For entrepreneurs, success no longer means exclusively financial profit - commercial enterprises are aware of their social responsibility and increasingly want to make a contribution to a fairer world.

CONCORDIA Social Projects offers numerous opportunities for your company to get involved in our aid projects: the "classics" such as project financing, donations and sponsoring, but also individual implementations such as customer campaigns, company events, employee meetings, free advertisements and much more. Together we will find exactly the solution that best suits your company. I look forward to our exchange: elke.gelbmann(at)

By the way: Donations to CONCORDIA social projects are tax deductible up to 10% of your previous year's profit.

For Corporate Donations and Major Giving we ask for Donations on the following bank account:

IBAN: AT66 3200 0000 0703 4499


Elke Gelbmann Head of Major Donations & Business Cooperation +43 1 2128149-37 elke.gelbmann(at)

CONCORDIA Proud Partner Club - tailor-made for you!

In 2020, the CONCORDIA Proud Partner Club was founded: an exclusive association of selected companies that join together in a network to achieve even more together than each individual. Because exchange always creates synergies.

Here more about the Proud Partner Club.

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