legero united is Impact Angel!

We are very pleased about the commitment for the further cooperation with our long-time supporter legero united.

The family business, which has been in existence since 1872, has around 2,000 employees from over 40 nations and is headquartered in Graz, Austria. It develops and produces shoes in a timelessly modern design with a perfect fit and sustainable standards for the superfit, legero and Think! brands, which are sold in 42 countries. The company has been donating shoes for the children and adults in our project countries for years and thus contributes to our protégés literally being able to go through their everyday lives better.

A warm pair of shoes - a matter of course for us, but a godsend in the poorest countries of Europe.

Over a period of months, we very carefully developed the CONCORDIA impact model, which depicts our daily work in five thematic paths. These five fields of action all pursue the overarching goal of enabling children and young people to lead self-determined lives.

From this, the concept of CONCORDIA "Impact Angels" emerged quite logically: These are corporate partners who make a direct impact in one of these five pathways and thus provide concrete assistance to our beneficiaries.

This new model is associated with a mutually beneficial communication package. This includes, among other things, the mutual promotion of the partnership on and offline, the use of our Impact Angel logo, the provision of video and image material for the partner's communication channels, etc.

We have now elevated legero united's previous selective engagements to a formal partnership level, where we will also launch joint communication activities. This means that legero united is now the second Impact Angel alongside Good Mills.

We look forward to our future cooperation!

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