CONCORDIA press trip to Moldova

At the beginning of November, we visited our project country Moldova together with journalists from Austria.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the Republic of Moldova has been in turmoil and in an ongoing crisis mode. The pro-Western government elected one and a half years ago has a challenging winter ahead of it, in addition to the well-known problems such as corruption, migration, unemployment, extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure. As the largest aid organisation in the country, CONCORDIA Social Projects is an important support for the very weak social system and for those people who suffer extremely from the precarious living conditions. Since February 2022, CONCORDIA has also been working in Moldova for refugees from Ukraine, offering shelters and psychological care for children and mothers in addition to emergency aid packages.

During the three-day press trip, we invited Austrian journalists to see for themselves our work and the situation on the ground. Together with our Moldovan colleagues, we visited our social institutions and the homes of families that CONCORDIA supports in various ways; the Palanca border and the UNHCR initial reception centre for Ukrainian refugees; the Moldovan Ministry of Social Affairs for a discussion with Vasile Cusca, State Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of the Republic of Moldova; and a background discussion with the Austrian Ambassador Stella Avallone and the ADA head Gunther Zimmer.