Bread & Breakfast Hostel

The CONCORDIA Hostel in Bucharest offers disadvantaged young people practical learning.

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The "Bread and Breakfast" hostel, which has been in existence since autumn 2017 and has an attached coffee shop at Piaţa Concordiei, currently offers six young people practical learning with an employment contract and fifteen others the opportunity of an internship. With 2,181 satisfied guests, the feedback so far has been consistently positive.

The project's sustainable and long-term assistance is highly appreciated in Bucharest: "Bread and Breakfast" was selected by the local Bucharest Community Foundation for the "8 hours over work" programme. Within this framework, community projects are supported by a network of experts and NGOs.

The location of the hostel and café also has a symbolic meaning for us: "Bread and Breakfast" is located directly at the first location of CONCORDIA Romania, in a building that was donated to us 26 years ago by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest.

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The education of young people in the hostel

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