Ensure safety for children and young people at risk

As a children's aid organisation, we are committed to the protection of children at risk and the observance of children's rights. To provide this protection, we rely on different measures inside and outside the organisation.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child serves as the basis for our daily work and our vision. It stands above everything. All children and young people should grow up in safety and have the chance to develop healthily and freely. The rights of children describe exactly what children need to grow up well and what they are entitled to - for example, the right to leisure time, the right to education or the right to protection from violence.

For us, children's rights are a stable foundation and beacons in our daily work.
Chairwoman of the Board, Ulla Konrad

In our programmes, the empowerment of and respect for children's rights are at the forefront. As an organisation that cares for children and young people, we have a high responsibility and obligation to ensure that children's rights are implemented in our facilities, and above all that they are not violated.We do our utmost to ensure the protection of children.

The CONCORDIA Child Protection Policy defines how we do everything in our power to protect children from physical, psychological and sexual violence and to take preventive steps or measures.

Partners & networks in the work for the observance of children's rights: