Implementing our guidelines consistently

A protection concept such as the CONCORDIA Child Protection Policy only experiences its maximum effectiveness in everyday life if it is kept alive and supported by our staff.

Our international child protection team therefore focuses strongly on the successful implementation of the child protection policy in the organisation to ensure this. Ongoing training of staff on child protection takes place. Evaluation and monitoring processes are reported to the child protection team in all CONCORDIA projects by the respective child protection officers.

When suspected or confirmed cases of abuse are reported, both internally (boundary violations by staff, but also incidents between children and adolescents in a CONCORDIA facility) and externally (family, other institutions, etc.), each individual case is thoroughly investigated and acted upon in accordance with our Child Protection Policy and the respective national laws.

All children growing up with us receive ongoing psychological support, individually or in focus groups. All people working with children and young people at our centre receive opportunities for supervision and training. We work closely with the relevant local authorities and are committed to ensuring that local policies are implemented.

Due to the special challenges for children and young people in the pandemic, and the increase in cases of domestic violence, we will intensify our work with traumatised children and children with deviant behaviour in the future and raise awareness in this regard.

Our top priority: to protect vulnerable children and young people by working together to tackle abuse and neglect and protect them from further harm. In everything we do, we value children's voices and support them to grow up safe, happy and healthy and to reach their full potential.