Day care centre "Zaharna fabrika"

Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration

Zaharna fabrika is a day centre for social integration and rehabilitation in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The neighbourhood "Zaharna fabrika" is located in the west of Sofia near a large Roma settlement in Bulgaria. The district is characterised by social isolation, poor living conditions and unemployment as well as restrictions in access to medical care and education. Here, CONCORDIA makes an important contribution to the fight against social exclusion and supports people from socially disadvantaged groups on their way to an independent and self-determined life.

A social centre taken over by CONCORDIA in 2017 offers a wide range of support services to children and families from social risk groups. The aim of the centre is to promote integration, learning new skills and individual development.

We help children and young people

The Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration is committed to helping children in risk situations who are (emotionally) neglected or affected by social exclusion. Street children, school dropouts and victims of abuse or violence are also part of the target group of "Zaharna fabrika".

The premises are located near a public school and a park and offer space for 50 children from 3 to 18 years of age. In cooperation with the Sofia Municipality, the children are supported with targeted activities in a variety of aspects - these include:

  • Health care
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Educational programmes and supervised learning
  • Speech, art and occupational therapy
  • Psychological support (individual and group)
  • Prevention work against aggression, violence and risky behaviour

With career counselling, information events as well as prevention and intervention measures, the centre's services are also aimed at adult family members.