Volunteers at CONCORDIA Social Projects

Living together - learning from each other

CONCORDIA Social Projects invites committed people to volunteer directly on site - based on their individual skills and interests. Volunteers are indispensable for our work. We experience our common action as mutual give and take.

Social work in Eastern Europe

The social work in Eastern Europe has many faces and ranges from one-week summer volunteer work for young people between 16 and 18 years to long-term volunteer work for everyone over 18 years.

Volunteering in Moldova

CONCORDIA Social Projects is the largest aid organisation (NGO) in Moldova. We are there for people in need with our soup kitchens and day centres spread all over the country.

As a volunteer in one of our day centres in the country, you will look after children who come to us in the afternoons to learn and play, help with domestic tasks and deliver meals to elderly people and families.

Volunteering in Rumania

In Romania, you will live either at the CONCORDIA Edu-Campus in Ploiești or in our Casa Iuda in Bucharest.

As a volunteer in the day centres, you will help in after-school projects looking after children from socially disadvantaged families. You will organise activities with children, teenagers and young adults and support them in their daily lives.

As a volunteer at the Edu-Campus, you will be involved in our vocational school for bakers, confectioners, cooks, waiters and agricultural helpers.

Volunteering in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, you live as a volunteer with CONCORDIA in the social centre "Sveti Konstantin" in Sofia.

As a volunteer with the children, you will help with the organisation of everyday life, in afternoon care and with homework; you will organise and accompany structured leisure activities.

As a volunteer in the shelter, you will support our social workers in handing out donations in kind, in sports and qualification programmes and in evening activities.

As a volunteer in a family-like residential group with up to 8 children, you will accompany the children in their daily lives together with the educators.

Volunteering in Kosovo

In Kosovo you will work as a volunteer with CONCORDIA in the "Tranzit Centre" in Prizren.

As a volunteer in our day centre for children, you will help look after children from socially disadvantaged families. You will organise the daily routine with us, assist in the pre and after school care and with homework and organise and accompany structured leisure activities.

CONCORDIA is part of the WeltWegWeiser network, the service centre of Jugend Eine Welt für Auslandsemissionen. Together we have developed quality standards for assignments abroad and ensure the best possible conditions and learning experiences for volunteers.


Are you interested? We are looking forward for your application! Please fill in the Application form and send it to: volontariat(at)concordia.or.at

Or contact:

Christa Bogner Supervision volunteering +43 1 212 81 49 volontariat(at)concordia.or.at

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