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30/03/21: CONCORDIA takes over Tranzit Centre in Prizren

On 30 March 2021, we had the pleasure of celebrating the official start of CONCORDIA's involvement in KOSOVO. CONCORDIA will take over the existing Tranzit Centre and continue it under the name CONCORDIA Tranzit Centre.

"When we were asked early last year by Loyola-Gymnasium Prizren and the Austrian and German Jesuits to take over the sponsorship of this centre, we looked intensively into this project and this country - which is also new to us - and realised that we might be able to offer added value through our experience, our passion and our network of supporters. In October, we gratefully accepted the invitation and are now looking forward to a long-term commitment to CONCORDIA's Tranzit Centre and our work in this country - where our help is needed most" said CONCORDIA Managing Director Bernhard Drumel at the opening ceremony, which took place under strict COVID-19 measures.

Among the guests at the opening ceremony were numerous representatives of the authorities and ministries, former volunteers, NGOs as well as other supporters and friends of CONCORDIA Tranzit.

The Tranzit Project was originally founded by a young Jesuit together with volunteers from Loyola Grammar School to provide opportunities and education for children and young people in the Tranzit community.

Very soon, young people from Tranzit got involved to carry this idea forward together, some of them offering their house, others becoming staff - or both. Both sides have learned a lot from this connection.

Today, the Tranzit Centre offers around 60 children and young people from the Tranzit community a kindergarten-like early education programme, a homework and tutoring station and a music school with orchestra as regular care.

We look forward to giving you further insights into our new project country and the current CONCORDIA project in the coming weeks and months and welcome you to be part of the Tranzit Centre and its people.

You can find more information about our activities in Kosovo here.

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