National Coalition for Children's Rights Austria

CONCORDIA Social Projects is now a member of the National Coalition for Children's Rights Austria

Headlines like the "Teichtmeister case" show us that Austria needs to do even better in the field of child protection and children's rights. Child abuse and the violation of children's rights must not be swept under the carpet.

One initiative dedicated to the protection of children's rights in Austria and beyond is the National Coalition for Children's Rights Austria. CONCORDIA attaches particular importance to networking with institutions and organisations relevant to children and young people in Austria and abroad, especially with European networks. In order to promote dialogue and awareness raising on children's rights, we decided to become part of the network.

After presenting our organisation and our projects for children in need, CONCORDIA Social Projects was unanimously and officially accepted into the network.

For us it is clear: child protection concepts are an important part of prevention work. It is the task of us adults to ensure the protection of the next generation. Child protection and children's rights go hand in hand. That is why we support the network's demand and call for child protection to be anchored at the federal level.

Information on the National Coalition for Children's Rights Austria (Netzwerk Kinderrechte Österreich)

The National Coalition for Children's Rights is an independent network of 50 organisations and institutions that promotes the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Austria. It advocates for the rights of all children and young people without discrimination.

The network was founded in 1997 to prepare the first "Supplementary Report" for the examination of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, parallel to the State Report of the Federal Government.

From the very beginning, the National Coalition has been committed to creating uniform standards for children's rights and child protection in Austria. Therefore, in 2019, it has developed a child protection guideline for its own field of activity as well as standards for the member organisations concerning child protection.

We look forward to a lively exchange and professionalisation of child rights agendas across Europe.

Child protection at CONCORDIA