Langer Tag der Flucht (long day on the topic of flight)

CONCORDIA LenZ in Vienna invites you: We will allow ourselves to dream "BIG" together!

The "Langer Tag der Flucht" (long day on the topic of flight) 2023 will take place on 6 October

With the war in Ukraine, the issue of refugees in Europe has once again been painfully brought to the attention of the general public. But people still have to flee from trouble spots like Syria or Afghanistan for very similar reasons. They are women like Oskana, Olena and Zinah who are starting a new life in Austria, who have to and want to learn a new language. At the LenZ they find a docking point, open and understanding ears and the so important mutual exchange. With other participants, our full-time team and a large number of committed volunteers who take time for them.

The CONCORDIA Day Centre LenZ opens its doors on the "Langer Tag der Flucht" and invites the participants of the language café and interested external persons to meet and exchange ideas. Together they create a "vision board" in groups on the topic: "What do I wish for a better coexistence of different cultures in Austria?
Because isn't that what we all want? A peaceful coexistence and equal opportunities for participation for all.

  • When: Friday, 06.10.2023 at 10.00-13.00 hrs.
  • Where CONCORDIA LenZ, Hochstettergasse 6, 1020 Vienna

Registration is requested:

The CONCORDIA LenZ team and our course participants look forward to seeing you!


What is the "Langer Tag der Flucht"?

The "Langer Tag der Flucht" was launched by UNHCR Austria in 2012 and has taken place every autumn since then. Art and cultural institutions, many committed individuals and refugees, NGOs and civil society initiatives have joined forces again this year and presented a broad spectrum of programme items. The common thread for all events is to address the topics of flight, asylum and living together in a variety of ways, to make them tangible and to promote exchange between refugees and people who have been living in Austria for a longer period of time.