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Interview with Veronica Mocan

Veronica is the mayor of Tudora (Moldova) and has worked at our day center for many years.

We interviewed the current mayor of Tudora. Veronika Mocan was head of the CONCORDIA day center in Tudora until 2023. For many years, she helped the poorest people in the area at CONCORDIA Moldova and is now fighting for more opportunities at a political level.


What do you particularly remember about your time at CONCORDIA?

"The most challenging and formative time was the first few days after the Russian attack on Ukraine. As the CONCORDIA center in Tudora is located right on the border with Ukraine, the impact was enormous. However, it was also wonderful to see how much people were willing to help here. Many families and children came to Tudora and to our center. It was a great challenge for me and the CONCORDIA team to help for the first time."

What did you take away from CONCORDIA for your work as mayor?

"Above all, CONCORDIA taught me to listen and to take people's needs seriously. As head of the center, I learned how to deal with people in vulnerable situations and how I can best help them in a targeted manner. I also take "listening" very seriously in my role as mayor. Management skills are another important topic, as I can now use the experience I gained at the center to manage an entire town."

How do you currently see the situation in Tudora and the work with vulnerable groups?

"It's important that help gets to where it's needed. I know from my time at CONCORDIA that CONCORDIA in particular does everything it can to help families and people in vulnerable situations. Half of the budget for social services goes to CONCORDIA, as the center makes an important contribution to social life in the town."

What is your greatest wish as mayor?

"Enough jobs for everyone in the village!" 


Veronica still feels a strong connection to CONCORDIA. She herself was a program participant and foster mother of 8 children. When her house was destroyed by a tragic fire, CONCORDIA helped her to rebuild it. Now she uses the budget she has as mayor for the people in her community.