Academic High School Innsbruck is committed to helping children in need

31.01.2022: With homemade cookies 5 students collect 465€

A wonderful news reached us these days from Innsbruck!

"We, Veit Auckenthaler, Joah Canazei, Mey Huber, Mark Oyf and Moritz Spöck, are students of the Akademisches Gymnasium in Innsbruck and currently attend Year 11. As we will graduate next year and already have to plan our VWA, our everyday life is very stressful and planned. To bring some variety into our routine and at the same time help children in need, we decided to start a fundraiser project.

When we started thinking about our project, it was mid-October, two months left until December and since Christmas is the time of help and compassion, we decided to create a project that we could do at this time. Unfortunately, because of the Corona pandemic, we could not organize anything outside the school, so we made a charitable cookie sale at school, where all the proceeds went to the charity CONCORDIA. The project ensures that all the proceeds go directly to needy children in the Balkans.

We organized two small "Christmas markets" with homemade cookies, cakes and muffins during the pre-Christmas period. Especially among the younger students this project was very popular and it was more successful than we could have imagined at the beginning. In total we took in almost 500€, with which we hope to provide a lot of help.

This project not only helped children in need, but also gave something back to us, namely many happy hours of work and beautiful memories."

CONCORDIA Social Projects would like to thank these dedicated students for their solidarity!

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