CONCORDIA Primary School

A school to feel good - a school for everyone! On September 14th, 2020, lessons for the first children of the CONCORDIA primary school started.

CONCORDIA has set itself the goal of offering children in marginalised communities a holistic, integrative educational programme in our modern primary school at Ploiești. Motivated teachers, supported by a multidisciplinary team of educators, psychologists and social workers, have passionately created a framework in which daily learning includes artistic creativity, approaching foreign languages and discovering nature. The school started in autumn 2020.

In five classes of 20 pupils each, children from all social backgrounds will be able to learn with equal rights. In addition, parents will be involved and solutions to problems will be sought. 

What makes this school one of CONCORDIA's most important projects?

It is the first inclusive school in Romania, half attended by children from vulnerable communities and half by children from more privileged backgrounds, whose parents pay a monthly fee. The classmates do not know who is from which community - they spend the whole day together without prejudice or exclusion.

At CONCORDIA we are convinced that education is the key to breaking the vicious circle of poverty and exclusion. With this school, we support children in their socio-emotional and academic development towards as self-determined a life as possible.

Autonomy, socio-emotional development and experimental learning are very important in our elementary school. The curriculum is also geared to the "outside" life and interests of the child. Frequent feedback, in turn, helps the child better understand their own progress and develop their potential.

Education is not just about graduating from school. It is primarily an invitation to children to experience the wonder of learning. To this end, we promote the inner motivation of our students with a variety of learning opportunities that appeal to all the senses. For example, there are various learning stations in the educational park. On the path of the senses, in the educational garden, through the insect hotel, the biodiversity station or the water station, the children learn important basics of our nature and biology in a playful way.

The school is also integrated into the existing CONCORDIA educational campus. This means that the children at the elementary school get their lunch freshly prepared by the cooks at the vocational school.

We thank everyone who helped to make this project possible - including STRABAG, Wienerberger, AluKnigStahl and Hoval G.m.b.H.

Impressions of the school opening

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