Founding country and project country at the same time

Despite the low level of child poverty in Austria compared to other European countries, social background continues to have a major impact on the future course of life: Vienna is therefore not only the headquarters of CONCORDIA Social Projects, but has also been the location of projects that focus on the specific challenges of integrating children, young people and families with a refugee background since 2016. 
This is because language skills and education are key factors for the participation of migrants in all areas of economic and social life. Without the necessary language skills, competences already acquired in Austria cannot be utilised. Language and education are therefore key issues for successful integration.
Our LenZ learning and family centre was set up for this purpose:

Member of the Austrian Children's Rights Network

CONCORDIA Social Projects Austria has been part of the Austrian Children's Rights Network since January 2023 and is committed to raising awareness and enshrining children's rights and child protection measures in law at national level. The Austrian Children's Rights Network - National Coalition (NC) - is an independent network of 50 organisations and institutions that promotes the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Austria. It campaigns for the rights of all children and young people without discrimination and for the creation of uniform standards for children's rights and child protection in Austria. CONCORDIA attaches particular importance to networking with institutions and organisations relevant to children and young people in Austria and abroad, especially with European networks. In order to promote dialogue and awareness-raising about children's rights, we have decided to become part of the network.