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CONCORDIA Social Projects is an international, independent aid organisation founded in 1991. We accompany children, young people and families in need in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Kosovo and Austria on their way to a self-determined, independent life.

Our programmes focus on strengthening and respecting children's rights. As an organisation that cares for children and young people, we have a high responsibility and obligation to ensure that children's rights are implemented in our facilities and, above all, that they are not violated.

We support local authorities and communities in developing and implementing structures and services. In this way, we set forward-looking impulses for independent and long-term development in the social and educational sectors in our partner countries, so that all children have opportunities and a self-determined out of marginalisation.

The mission of CONCORDIA Social Projects
CONCORDIA is an international, independent, nongovernmental organisation dedicated to supporting children, young people and families in need, towards a more independent and responsible life. We go where the need is the greatest. And where others do not go.


Thomas Birtel Chairman of the board
It would be nice if we could succeed in raising awareness in this rich country of the great need of young and old people in European countries not so far away from us. We would like to motivate you as a supporter to help us develop this part of Europe together with us.
Ulla Konrad Member of the board
To acknowledge the fates of the children, not to gloss over or forget them, to set off together, to accompany them a part of the way - that is our mission. Individuality is important to us, for example in the choice of school and vocational training, right up to a life of independence. We strengthen talents and resources and offer therapeutic help in processing what we have experienced.
Cornelia Burtscher - CONCORDIA Member of the board and COO
Cornelia Burtscher Member of the board
In the seven years that I have spent in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the children and young people that we are allowed to accompany have become just as dear to my heart as the colleagues who take on the challenge day after day and carry out this valuable work. It is very important for us to give the local people a perspective, a good present and a better future. Unfortunately, even in CONCORDIA's EU member states, this is not yet a matter of course. We are working tirelessly on this with the help of many supporters - 30 years ago as well as today.
Pater Markus Inama SJ Member of the board
In the mid-1980s I worked as a volunteer in a homeless shelter in Vienna. After the social service I decided to become a Jesuit. After completing my training, my ordination and twelve years of youth work, the Jesuits sent me to Bulgaria for four years in 2008 to build up CONCORDIA Bulgaria.
Bernhard Drumel Member of the board
I find it terrifying that in the heart of Europe there are still countries where half of the children are at risk of existential poverty. For many years, CONCORDIA has been giving a hand where the need is greatest. We will advance this mission with all our strength. No child should be left behind.

Advisory board

  • Werner Kerschbaum (Chairman)

  • Andreas Brandstetter

  • Brigitte Ederer

  • Andreas Gahleitner

  • Heidi Glück

  • Erwin Hameseder

  • Christian Konrad

  • Markus Mühleisen

  • Josef Pröll

  • Klaus Väthröder SJ

  • Figen Webhofer

  • Stephan Zöchling

International Operational Management

Bernhard Drumel Executive Director
Martina Raytchinova International Programme Director
Elena Matache International Development Director
Viorica Matas National Director Moldova
Rainer Stoiber Fundraising Director
Tatiana Balta National Director Moldova
Galina Markschläger Managing Director Germany
Mirela Lavric National Director Kosovo
Cornelia Burtscher Chief Operating Officer
Diana Certan National Director Romania
Stanimir Georgiev National Director Bulgaria
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