GoodMills is IMPACT ANGEL!

We are delighted that our long-standing partner - the GoodMills Group - is a founding member of the Impact Angels. This corporate partnership is a particularly good example of how a partner can have a direct impact on one of our projects:

The GoodMills Group is the largest milling company in Central and Eastern Europe: this means 25 mills in 7 countries, a total of 2.7 million tonnes of processed grain per year and the employment of 2,300 people.

GoodMills has been supporting CONCORDIA for years with flour donations for our bakery in Romania, but the company also directly supports apprentices in their vocational training as future bakers. Furthermore, our cooperation has also made it possible for students from CONCORDIA schools to find a job at GoodMills in Romania to work in the warehouse or in the mills - an existentially important step on the way to a self-determined life.

We thank GoodMills for their many years of support and look forward to many more wonderful successes together.

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