#concordiastories: Vlad survived only by a miracle

07/10/2021: His four siblings had starved to death. Vlad was the only one to survive.


Vlad was two and a half years old when he was found, severely underweight and half frozen to death. His four siblings had starved to death. He was the only one to survive.This did not happen in faraway Africa, but in the Republic of Moldova - practically on our doorstep, in the poorest country in Europe, where the need is so great that many families do not even have enough to eat.Vlad was taken in by a large, warm-hearted CONCORDIA foster family in one of our family homes. Malnourished and neglected for a long time, Vlad is retarded in his development. But he is a strong little guy. He is recovering visibly and slowly he is beginning to trust his "new mum".

His seven "new brothers and sisters" gather around the youngest addition in their midst and treat him lovingly. "My heart swells when I look at his happy eyes. Hope and gratitude fill me because I see that we can really make a difference here," says board member Father Markus Inama SJ.

The CONCORDIA social projects have been involved in the Republic of Moldova and the entire region for many years. We take care that starving and neglected children can grow up in safe conditions under the care of loving foster parents. They receive ongoing training and support from our social workers and child psychologists.

CONCORDIA gives children like Vlad a safe home.

Join us in ensuring that children like Vlad can grow up in love, warmth and safety!



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