Vera* and her son Andrei* fled from Odessa across the Moldovan border near Palanca

Especially women and children are crossing the border into Moldova these days in search of protection. They are safe in the Moldovan village of Ruseștii Noi, in one of our shelter centres.


Vera*, her husband and their two sons were living on the 7th floor in a building near Odessa airport when they saw the rockets flying across the sky.

"Even though the explosion was 50 km away, you could feel the impact and the jolt immediately. It was horrific. From then on you live in fear, constantly hearing drones, sirens, gunshots. You put on the kids and go to the basement in counted seconds, you sleep in the hallway to keep your family safe, and you feel your nerves can't take it anymore. You look on the internet and see that your acquaintances in Herson (a town in the south of Ukraine) are even worse off, you see how they survive in these conditions, and you understand that you are doing well compared to them... while it is already hell for you."

Andrei*, their 3-year-old son, thought it was a firework, while Yuri* (15 years old) was shocked, cried and asked them to pack everything and flee to another country. After a week of hoping and fearing, Vera packed a backpack and her children to take them to safety to Moldova. Her husband stayed there to protect their country.

The saddest thing is that little Andrei still does not understand where his father is. Until yesterday, he was putting him to sleep every night, and now he is gone.

When they arrived at the border, Vera and the children were received by our colleagues from CONCORDIA Moldova and taken into accommodation: in our temporary accommodation centre in Ruseștii Noi, where children and young people who cannot live with their parents are looked after by us, one floor was made available to accommodate refugee mothers and their children. Vera is currently one of five mothers. They support each other and their children play together. For the moment, they are safe. *Names changed.



Ongoing information on our relief efforts for refugees from Ukraine can be found here:

CONCORDIA Social Projects is helping in the Urkaine war



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