Emergency in the Republic of Moldova - people standing in the cold and freezing

January 2022 - Cold and horrendous heating costs in the Republic of Moldova: the gas crisis is coming to a head and the population of the poor and crisis-ridden country on the edge of Europe is suffering from the cold and increased electricity and heating costs, which have doubled compared to the previous year. Even before that, many people could not afford them. The government has declared a state of emergency.


The incumbent Moldovan President Maia Sandu ran and was elected to bring a better future to the country. Many hopes rest on her. Her government has to cope with major challenges: high unemployment and labour migration, lack of access to clean drinking water, medical care, gas shortages, deficient infrastructure, corrupt institutions - to name a few besides the Corona crisis.

For the Republic of Moldova, the increase in electricity and gas costs has a political dimension, in which the dependence on Russian gas is demonstratively exposed to the suffering of the people. People are anxiously following the developments between their neighbour, Ukraine, and Russia. Fear and uncertainty are spreading.

In many areas, families live far below the poverty line. In abandoned, rural regions where there is nothing. "People living with their children in windy shacks that we can hardly imagine." - Fr. Markus Inama (CONCORDIA Board of Directors)

CONCORDIA supports the poorest in over 60 communities with food parcels so that children and elderly people left behind do not have to go hungry. In the CONCORDIA day centres, children often receive their only (warm) meal. For many, the centres are not only the only social connection, but also the only source of warmth during the frosty season.

Heating the day centres now presents CONCORDIA with major financial challenges: "Prices are constantly rising. The gas bill for December 2021 has increased by 160% compared to the previous period. And so it goes on." - Tatiana Balta, National Director CONCORDIA Moldova, reports.

"There is great concern that people will have to sit in the cold, especially in view of the winter temperatures." - writes ORF. As the largest NGO in the Republic of Moldova, CONCORDIA knows the situation on the ground very well, and unfortunately has the sad certainty that the situation is very serious and threatening for many. Additional funds are needed to provide the necessary assistance.

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