A multisectoral project in support of care leavers

Young adults who have grown up in a care facility ("care leavers") and do not have a sustainable family network have a particularly difficult time on the path to an independent life. In the framework of the project "Wings4Youth", "care leavers" in Romania and Bulgaria are provided with information and competences that are important for them and are accompanied in the transition from assisted living to an independent life. At the same time, the Romanian and Bulgarian care system will be strengthened by providing care professionals with tailor-made training and evidence-based, proven models to support care leavers, particularly in the areas of life skills development, job coaching and mentoring. An important prerequisite for an independent life is access to work, which is difficult for these young people due to the lack of a network.

Cooperation with enterprises in the sense of public-private partnerships between service providers and the business sector is a crucial factor. Small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to gear their social responsibility activities to the needs of "care leavers" will gain a better understanding of the social sector in general and of these young people in particular. As potential employers they open up job and future prospects for "care leavers".

"Wings4Youth" is managed by CONCORDIA Social Projects in Romania, implemented together with CSR Nest Romania and co-financed by the European Union Programme for Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC).

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