The 20 most frequently asked questions

1. Is there a minimum stay for my voluntary service?
The minimum for a voluntary service for CONCORDIA is six months. In summer there is a certain date for short-time volunteers, who can visit and help us for one week.

2. How old do I have to be?
For a longer stay you have to be at least 18 years old. There is the possibility for minors to support us for one week in summer at a particular date.

3. When can I start?
We start on average every two months with a preparation course in Bucharest, which takes six weeks. The exact starting dates depend on the applications.

4. Which vaccinations are recommended?
Hepatitis A and B are strongly recommended. Rabies, because of the street dog-situation, is optional.

5.Which are the working fields/functions – which possibilities exist?
In the focus of the work is the co-shaping of the daily life of the children and teenagers.

  • Housekeeping tasks (cleaning, washing, cooking, service)
  • Gardening, agricultural work
  • Educational tasks (wake-up service, accompanying to school, hospital etc., homework, putting children to bed, shower program, etc.)
  • Projects for the atelier/studio music, dance and theater projects
  • Own projects

CONCORDIA is willing to deploy all volunteers according to their skills, talents and interests.

6. Is it possible to make contact with former volunteers?
Sure! If you are interested in making contact with former volunteers please contact us via We will send you the appropriate contact details.

7. How can I best prepare for the stay?
It is important to familiarize before the start of the journey with the new situation and tasks. Read about the culture and life of your destination and think about your personal goals. Maybe you will use the possibility for a short trip in advance. If you are able to, try to learn the new language.

8. What is most important to take along?
Passport, European Health Insurance Card, criminal record with apostille, debit card, health certificate, a small dictionary, clothes for every weather, 3 exercise books for the language course.

9. Is it necessary to bring bedclothes, a sleeping bag and towels?
We provide bedclothes and a towel. If there are planned any excursions it is advisable to bring a sleeping bag.

10. How is the housing situation?
In the introduction phase, which is for everyone (except the volunteers in Bulgaria) in Bucharest, you will stay with three other volunteers in a room. Every room has its own bathroom. The housing situation will change depending on where you spend the rest of your stay. A single bedroom is an exception.

11. Do I need a visa?
Romania and Bulgaria are part of the European Union. So you do not need a visa for these countries. For Moldova in contrast you need one, but you can apply in the country. CONCORDIA will arrange it for you and pay for it.

12. Shall I bring my instrument?
Sure! Music plays a major role in daily life with the children and teenagers.

13. Do I need previous knowledge about the language?
No, but the more you know, the better.

14. How much money should I bring along and how much will I need?
The easiest way is if you bring your debit or credit card to draw money. As long as you stay in the project you will need very little money. How much you spend depends mostly on what you do in your spare time and on how many weekend trips you make.

15. Is there a safe place for valuables?
The rooms must be locked at any time. If you want, you can lock your valuables in a safe.  But we recommend bringing as few valuables as possible because we cannot assume liability.

16. How dangerous is Bucharest/Kishinev/Sofia?
Not more dangerous than any other European capital.

17. How is the situation with the street dogs?
There are many of them but con be ignored without any problem.

18. How old is the target group?
Depending on the houses, our clients are between three and 35 years old.

19. Can I bring along my notebook?
Yes. We have Wi-Fi in our houses.

20. How is the situation for smokers?
We have smoking areas. You must not smoke anywhere else for reasons of your role model function.

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