We assume responsibility

To take a child, to provide security and safety, means taking responsibility. CONCORDIA assumes all responsibilities of a family and supports the children to independence.

Your suppport enables us to look after the children, adolescents and families in our care. The best way to help us is through a regular donation by standing order.

Please send the on both sides completed form to:
CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte
Hochstettergasse 6, 1020 Wien

or per E-Mail office@concordiasocialprojects.org
or Fax +43 1 212 81 49-23

Electronic standing order

Now you can also help permanently through PayPal.  The selected amount will be transferred monthly through the payment method specified for your PayPal account.  Of course, you can cancel a standing order at any time through PayPal.

If a specific country is particularly close to your heart, we will make good use of your donation there.  Otherwise it will go to the project that currently needs the money most urgently.

Donations to CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung are tax deductible (for Austrian citizens).  Starting with 2017, we need to know your birthday for that purpose, because your donations will then be reported to the Ministry of Finance automatically.  Therefore please specify your birthday if you want to deduct your donations from tax.

Create a standing order

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