A blossoming future

With an estate donation or a bequest to CONCORDIA Social Projects, you help to make a good and secure future possible for children and young people. In the CONCORDIA facilities our fosterlings, who already had to go through many separations in their young years and had terrible experiences, veritably blossom. As a lasting thank-you, we plant a fruit tree in one of our projects for every estate donator and legatee.

The roots of your tree symbolize the foundations you give to the CONCORDIA children; the fruits stand for the hope your donation provides. At the same time our trees keep the memory of our supporters alive.

Please contact us if you desire a personal, confidential talk about this topic.
Jeannine Schiller will gladly answer your questions by telephone or e-mail.

T +43 1 2128149-27
E jeannine.schiller@concordia.or.at

In lasting memory

Our first encounter took place about 25 years ago. Mrs. M. originally came from Hamburg, got to know and fell in love with her husband during the war, and settled in his hometown after the wedding. When we met, Mrs. M. was already over 75 years old. A few months prior to that she had to bury her husband—he passed away completely unexpectedly after a heart attack at home. They had been married nearly half a century, had gotten around in the world, had shared every interest, every thought, every observation, all the happiness and every pain with each other. She felt torn apart and endlessly alone.

A friendship developed out of the first sympathetic meeting. The time of this encounter coincided with the founding of CONCORDIA in Bucharest, Mrs. M. took a deep and intensive interest in the fate of the children. She could empathize well with the life of the homeless children by thinking about the bombed-out cities and the people wandering around in postwar Germany.

She herself lived in an impressively modest manner, loved music, played piano, showed interest in the worries and hardships of others.

As her own strength dwindled over the years, she remained a cheerful woman who met any person coming by with a clear eye. When Mrs. M. passed away, a letter from a notary reached us several months later, soberly informing us that she had generously provided for the children and adolescents of CONCORDIA.

Thanks and may God reward you for it, Mrs. M.! Through her generosity she endowed a future for others.

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