In the first years after its founding in 1991, CONCORDIA concentrated on providing assistance to those children who could no longer be adequately cared for by their families and had to live on the streets – as a consequence of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorial family policy, which culminated in the prohibition of contraception and abortion. Today there are no more street children in the sense of that time, but poverty has by no means been conquered: Our offer of assistance is oriented today to the needs of those who are strongly impacted by social exclusion.

Up-to-date placement concepts are based on the gradual closure of large institutions in order to offer growing children and adolescents family-like conditions as much as possible. At the same time the prevention aspect is gaining more importance. CONCORDIA România actively promotes intra-familial relationships, supports during crises and helps in this way to avoid painful separations. In many cases the reintegration of the children into the parental home succeeds in this way, whereby the families are regularly visited and looked after.

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The short film presents the work of CONCORDIA România (in Romanian with English subtitles).

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