The overwhelming majority of the children and adolescents cared for by CONCORDIA Bulgaria belong to the Roma ethnic group, which is particularly strongly affected by exclusion. They live under terrible hygienic conditions – often without running water – and are confronted with discrimination at all levels of the school system. Fee-based nursery schools and badly-run Roma schools on the outskirts additionally exacerbate the situation. Moreover, hardly any of the families have the necessary documents needed to receive comprehensive health care.

The consequences are dramatic and range from health impairments, to irregular school attendance and early school leaving, all the way to especially high youth unemployment. CONCORDIA Bulgaria reacts to this complex starting situation and the different needs with a broad spectrum of social offer which are coordinated by the Sveti Konstantin Youth and Social Center.

Here you can find the website of CONCORDIA Bulgaria in the national language.

Father Markus Inama SJ speaks in an interview with the Jesuits Worldwide about the still difficult situation for children in Bulgaria:

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