We go where the need is the greatest.
And where others do not go.

We seek individual solutions for children, adolescents and their families.
And we never give up on anyone.

We orient ourselves towards a humanistic vision and Christian values.
And we are open for other cultures and religions.

We search for new ways.
And we act sustainably and responsibly.

We work professionally.
And we use our heart and brain.

We build upon competent co-workers, volunteers and friends.
And we hope for large-heartedness.


CONCORDIA is an international, independent aid organization dedicated to helping children, adolescents and families in need.

CONCORDIA helps quickly and directly on site.
We go where the need is greatest.

CONCORDIA enables children to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.
We focus on building stable ties and strengthening families.

CONCORDIA accompanies children and adolescents on their journey towards a self-determined life.
We open chances through education and vocational training.

CONCORDIA is guided by the international conventions on children’s and human rights.
We contribute to creating an open, solidly united society.

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