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Hope since 25 years

In 1991 the Austrian Jesuit priest Georg Sporschill goes to Bucharest on behalf of his order to get children and young people from the street. He provides the neglected children from the sewerage and backyards a place to sleep, food and support and human warmth. CONCORDIA Social Projects is established. A social center and houses where children live in family-like communities are built, the first training workshops for young people are established.

Since then the first social project for street children in România has emerged to an international aid organization that today serves more than 1,000 children and young people in România, Moldova (since 2004) and Bulgaria (since 2008). The street´s plight has moved into the slums on the outskirts.

In Moldova CONCORDIA supports and supplies several thousand elderly people and families in existential distress in social and family centers.

In 2012 Father Georg Sporschill withdrew from the management of CONCORDIA Social Projects and handed over the responsibility for the children in care, adolescents and families to the Board members Ulla Konrad and Father Markus Inama SJ.

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